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3 hours ago

The walls are starting to cave in

4 days ago

Had so much fun today filming my first collab in YEARS with the incredible @kyleefleekmakeup new video on both our channels FRIDAY 😍🥰 so cool being around someone who is passionate about the industry theyre in and being so positive 😇🥰 I’m wearing #memyselfandi palette by @mmmmitchell @jeffreestarcosmetics #extremefrost this photo was editing by @kyleefleekmakeup 🥰😜

6 days ago

happy birthday to the most greatest 16 year old I’ve ever met 😍 my dad would always say if he had to pick one out of his 4 kids to save from being thrown off a cliff he would pick Mia because “shes my favourite” 😂😂😂 You’re my favourite too Mia. I love you, we all love you Happy birthday darling girl xxx

1 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

@mmmmitchell x @jamiegenevieve inspired beat! 😚 recorded a video should be up either tonight or tomorrow 😋🖖🏻

3 weeks ago

Date night with my guy 🥰🥥🍍🍉🍑🍓🍋☀️🌼

4 weeks ago

The latest and a sneak peek of my bf 😍🥰🤤

last month

@mmmmitchell please do @jamiegenevieve ‘s look on me PROPERLY thanks 🤪😍

last month

Fly high Granda 😔 you shocked us all. Leader of the family, my favourite gardener, the biggest health advocate, even though you had no idea what I do on the web you supported me, you spoiled me, you hung up all my artwork I’ve ever done. I never saw you often we weren’t super close, you just let me do my thing and supported me regardless. I love you Granda, hope the carrot juice up there flows from your tap 🥕🥕😔❤️❤️

last month

New passport photo xx dm me yours

last month

riiiiissse and shhhhine why do I look like a bratz doll

last month

My BF chooses my makeup theme for this video!! Swipe up in insta stories to watch!! 🥰😋 #TradieTutorial

last month

PLEASE WRITE DOWN SOME COOL HALLOWEEN COUPLE IDEAS!!??? I wanna do special fx and some cool makeup I reckon 🤔🤔 just don’t know what I need IDEAS thank yaaaa xxxx

last month

New video being released TODAY 🥰 using the @mmmmitchell palette from @beautybaycom 🤪 will release the link in my stories so keep an ear and an I out 😏

Oct 2019

I need this squiggly shirt @dangerfieldclothing 😍🥰

Oct 2019

I remember saying to my dad: what is the best concert you’ve ever been to. Out of the hundreds he’d been to he said: Tom Petty. I remember very clearly the day Tom Petty died, Dad was in front of the tv going: Noooooooo!!!! This can’t be real!!! Dad was so beside himself, TP was a music hero to him, Tom was a bloody legend. That night, we played TP till midnight, we ate steak because that was one of Dad’s comfort foods. That was the 2nd of October 2017. On the 2nd of October 2018, my dad lost his fight with influenza. Weirdly enough, my dads name is Tom too. My dad was a musician, he had a band when he was younger, he lived that rock and roll lifestyle, he was a legend. How crazy that my Dad died the same day his idol passed away on a year apart. It’s like Dad chose that day to go so he could join the legends lounge. I hope my Dad, and Tom Petty, the two Tom’s are guitar battling to their hearts content The past year has been the hardest, it has gone so fast and so slow at the same time. I miss you Dad. Life hasn’t and never will be the same. You’ve left the biggest hole and no one will be able to fill it back up xxx

Sep 2019

You know how I never have eyelash glue?! 😂 not anymore!! I’ve been using @glambymanicare ‘s magnetic lash system!! Yes you read right they’re MAGNETIC EYELASHES 😍 NO GLUE NEEDED!!! I created a day and night look using 2 different sets of lashes, the willow (natural lashes ) and the Khloe lashes (more dramatic )!! The eyeliner is opaque and smudge proof and lasts up to 50 applications 🥰 These lashes are so easy to click on and off for quick transformations whether it’s a day or night look. #noglueneeded #collab

Aug 2019

Me when I see a dog

Aug 2019

Pampering myself today and doing one of my favourite treatments!! Who else is loving their #happyskinco handset? Use coupon CAITO50 for 50 dollars off!! I love the result been using mine for months now 🥰❤️

Aug 2019

Sick as again but this cheered me the hell up thank you @bperfectcosmetics I’m gonna go ham w this palette 🤪🥰

Jul 2019

Talk it up like yeah?? Yeaaaah?

Jul 2019


Jul 2019

“I love this” - @mummapotatoe_

Jul 2019

@instaxnz IS GIVING AWAY ONE OF ITS LATEST INSTANT CAMERAS!!! THE INSTAX MINI LIPLAY!! To enter! you must be following @instaxnz and comment down below what sound bite you would first record with the Mini LiPlay!! Good luck!!! It’s an instant camera and printer in one, so you can also print instax pics straight from your phone! My favourite feature it can do is that you can add SOUND to your photos!! Don't believe me? Watch the video above. One thing I also didn't mention is that you can make your pictures pop with creative frames and filters!! This bad boy is available in blush gold, stone white or elegant black #miniliplay #liplay #neweranewinstax #spon EDIT 🥰THIS IS A NZ COMP ONLY 🥰