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21 hours ago

Hey @Starbucks - One of your baristas never asked for my name when I ordered my coffee and instead just decided to write “RAJ”. Your bullshit bias-training didn’t work. Do better.

2 days ago

and THIS is why i’m an actor.

4 days ago

We tried acting natural. Also, a major thank you to @therealtonyshepherd (aka. Uncle Tony. aka. Tony Danza aka. A person too nice to be real ) for making this trip happen. ❤️

2 weeks ago

for this #givingtuesday please consider donating to @knowsudepnow in honor of Cam. your dollar can help further vital research and education that could save people’s lives ❤️

3 weeks ago

#tb to Halloween when 9 of us dressed up as @ebenofficial

4 weeks ago

My new show ‘Epic Night’ is finally here!!! You guys can check out this new INTERACTIVE series (yes, you guys get to decide what kind of mess I get myself into ) on the @ekovideo app or eko.com. Best part is all 4 episodes are free.... and you know my brown ass loves anything free. So grab some drinks, invite some friends over, and have some fun yelling at the TV about what choices our characters should be making hahah.

4 weeks ago

had an epic night finally getting to watch “Epic Night”. thanks @ekovideo & @fbe for hosting said epic night. but wait! YOU can also have an epic night because “Epic Night” comes out TOMORROW NIGHT! I promise i’ll stop saying epic night now.

5 weeks ago

coming 11.21.19

5 weeks ago

@thecameronboycefoundation & @epilepsyfdn are teaming up in the fight to end SUDEP. Check out @knowsudepnow to learn, share, and donate so we can work together and save lives. 💜

last month

quick shout out to friends, family, and all of you for making @wieldingpeace possible.

last month

love you nolan. thanks for letting us be a part of such a special night marking your 21st. lucky to have you in my life and lucky to have you carry me around on your shoulder.

last month

This is the most effort I’ve put into a Halloween costume in years. Ps. I love these people

Sep 2019

Thank you @thirstproject ❤️

Sep 2019

Maya Boyce everyone. #wieldingpeace x @refinery29

Aug 2019


Aug 2019

Introducing... @wieldingpeace a project Cam started, worked on and was extremely passionate about making a reality. Check out @refinery29 ‘s article to know more about @thecameronboycefoundation ‘s first project. Thanks Refinery29 for helping us make this happen.

Aug 2019

@thecameronboycefoundation has a new website up. check out the link in my bio to see the projects we’re working on, how to get involved, and where to donate. you all have been so supportive of the foundation and i truly can’t thank you enough. let’s make our boy proud.

Jul 2019

The Cameron Boyce Foundation has officially launched. Let’s pick up where he left off. Link in the bio.

Jul 2019

you were the greatest thing to have ever happened to me. i love you so much cam. wish i had more to say right now but i don’t think words will come for a while. thank you to everyone who sent such kind words my way. know i haven’t been responding but it truly means a lot.

Jul 2019

beach day ft. @troyogletree foot

Jun 2019

My manager called me yesterday and told me to post more, but with less self deprecating captions. So here you go kids: me posing with a Fiji water bottle I’ve been reusing for the past month and half. #content

May 2019

I love you. You’re the greatest brother I could’ve ever asked for, and I will forever feel lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday. That’s all. (Think you can tell Cam’s better at sappy posts than I am )

May 2019

oh and btw we’re roommates now.

May 2019

Felt really grateful and honored to help host WE Day Illinois today. It was amazing to be in a room- slash that - ARENA full of inspirational, motivated and kick butt people. It’s crazy to see how much our generation has accomplished together to help create a more diverse and accepting world. And on that note... I wanted to share this photo I took with the legendary @rupikaur_ . I’m a huge fan of Rupi’s, not just because her work is amazing, but she’s reminded me true art lies in honesty. Plus as a fellow Indian it’s been SO EXCITING to see her kill the game and help shatter that glass ceiling. Particularly for brown women. So in short... thanks Rupi for being someone who inspires me and thank you WE Day for being there to inspire others.