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🌹💋👠 • • • LACHSA ‘20 IAF X MoDuS Klub “He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken.”

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3 weeks ago

This place has been my second home for the past year and I could not be more thankful for everything they have done for me. It truly is the safest place to create in. In the beginning of this year I told myself that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and it not only helped me become a better dancer and mover, but has also helped me become a better person. It has helped me grow as an artist and has allowed me to explore the different ways that my body can move. As well, I especially, want to thank the creative director @chehoncreative for make all of this possible for me. I don’t know how I would have done it without him and the rest of the crew of @iamforce ✨ *shots taken from a video filmed by @chehoncreative * : )

Sep 2019

let me remind u🌹

Jul 2019

Stay Wavy Baby🦋🌙🌊

Jul 2019

Love this amazing creative place💞 ~second home Filmed and choreographed by @chehoncreative Space @iafcompound

Jul 2019

“Cause darling we're all a little splintered and battered” Thank you for the class amazing @giannamartello ! I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC

Jun 2019

~ 𝒱.𝒾.𝓉.𝒶.𝓂.𝒾.𝓃. 𝓈.𝑒.𝒶 ~ 💙🦋🌊

May 2019

Had one of the craziest & amazing classes and this was the finishing product. Forever grateful for @chehoncreative for filming, choreographing & visualizing this before it was even created. Thank you for pushing mine & everyone else’s boundaries! Choreo: @chehoncreative Space: @iafcompound Dancer: @nialazarvlasic Music: Take me to church by @hozier 🖤🖤 I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC.

May 2019

Hi, it's been a while💛😈

Apr 2019

This made me cry so much😣😣 I literally have the cutest mom ever!💓💓 I love you🙏💛

Apr 2019

Thankful that I had the opportunity to take @officialchehon ‘s class a couple days ago🙌🙌 * * * * Space: @iafcompound Combo: @officialchehon

Mar 2019

~~Girls just wanna have sun~~ 📸: @avamarie_dance

Mar 2019

Really felt this one... Another amazing combo by @will_thomas9 !! Thank you for everything, I will truly miss your Tuesday class!!❤️😭😥 #dance #contemporary

Mar 2019

"I shut my eyes in order to see” ~ Paul Gauguin #Chehon 's On-Camera Class Workshop #Florence + The Machine # Big God #greatful just to take the class with incredible, inspiring @officialchehon , @iamforce #dance #

Mar 2019

When you‘re up since 5am and you are barely draging your feet, but you somehow find yourself training and dancing for a couple more hours and all you can feel in your heart is hapiness & peace... than all you can say is thank you to @will_thomas9 for such an amazing class, for inspiring us all & for teaching us his ways, and to @iafcompound & @officialchehon for this amazing space💚 I DON’T OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC.

Mar 2019

Prom was so much fun❤️ - wish it lasted longer😭

Mar 2019

MM class of 2k20 #2020 #juniors We still won! #undefeated

Mar 2019

Love them❤️

Mar 2019

⚡️Torn⚡️ 💥Go watch it, link in bio!! Directed and edited by @froyofabcoco Director of photography Jeremy Herron Executive producer: @akirasky_ Associate producers: @audreyywilkins Marigrace Angelo Original song: @akirasky_ Assistant camera: @jackfuetterer 2nd assistant camera: @martin_v14 Choreographer: @nasirwashere1 Dancers: @altahir_kozelchik14 @nathan_nmn_ @jordansimenn @lolaabode @mayumi_rhone @nialazarvlasic #musicvideo #torn #akirasky #music #video #shooting #dance #

Mar 2019

What an amazing class! Thank you to @makenzie_dustman for teaching us this combo, for inspiring all of us and letting us express and conquer our insecurities❤️ I DON’T OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC

Feb 2019

Just a small town girl living in a lonely world...

Feb 2019

“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.” 📸: @nmn_captures

Feb 2019

Ahhh what an amazing class❤️ Thank you @traviswall ❣️

Jan 2019

~🖤~ 📸: @avamarie_dance