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2 weeks ago

my beautiful navy and mustard yellow girlies!!! 💙 💛 episode 1 of making jasmine buy more clothes had been v successful so next time more colours and let's just use a camera and tripod instead of stealing chairs k? 🤣

2 weeks ago

can't wait for another happy animal day with my favourite annoying pet 🙊 (scroll for evidence of him being annoying and me being used to it and ignoring him to concentrate on the blubby manatee swimming by ) #skysonjayler

Sep 2019

it's official: a sister needs a holiday 🏝️ 💭😿

Sep 2019

let's talk a little bit about running. it's been.. a nearly seven year journey i would say? i started from a place of wanting to be skinnier and so i ran and ran and restricted my diet. i cut carbs and never ate my fill. i actually did succeed back in poly year 2. looking back, i was slimmer in photos and my clothes fit looser. i just never recognised it. i still felt "fat" and that there was no progress was taking place. it felt like no matter how little i ate or how much i worked out, nothing was changing. so after i entered the hectic uni life, running and i took a break from each other. i just didn't see the point of the pain and misery of living such a restrictive life 😢 but as the years passed, i couldn't ignore the importance of respecting my body and changing my mindset any longer. my insecurities were getting in the way of the person i wanted to become. so at the start of this year, i made a promise to myself to consistently work out and to post about it whenever i did to track my progress and my feelings about the workout. i wanted to be able to compile all of the struggle and triumphs into highlights on my profile for my own reflection, but one of the unexpected side effects of posting was the response i got from friends applauding my efforts and telling me that i was inspiring. wtf? me? seriously? how could that be? i was just an unfit blob looking for discipline lol but then i realised i too, have people that i follow that inspire me in my fitness journey and all of the comments from friends have really gotten me to push harder and do better ✨ so yes, to a certain extent my working out was still about my looks (who doesn't like being able to eat without guilt ) but more than ever i realise now that running and working out regularly have been life-changing. a lot of how i view life has been changed for the better because of these past nine months. i did the runs i didn't want to do, i started the runs i didn't see the point to and i ended the runs i didn't think i could do. and today, i did the longest run of my life and i smiled my way through it. today was an absolute victory. (can i get a hell yeah? ) 🏆

Sep 2019

one 10km run later and all i want is bread and milo (am on my third cup and loving life ) 💛💛💛 thank you to the gallery tetris for organising this. literally wouldn't have done it without you!

Sep 2019

happy 8th/18th/28th birthday to my personal and forever best boi!!!!!! (and obviously the king of my heart ) 💙 your patience, your love, your respect and your care have made me into a better person. that's just been getting clearer over the years and so for your birthday i just wanted to celebrate you. i couldn't be happier to arrange two days of amazing food and us just doing nothing together and im really really glad you enjoyed yourself! to more birthdays and to our exciting future ahead 🎉

Aug 2019

thank you for everything ♥️

Aug 2019

seeking shelter in a warm cafe after battling cold rain = perfect analogy for our relationship 🥰 : : #这算是男女友视角吗 #在我眼里你最可爱就对了啦 #我也很可爱我知道只是不要讲出来而已 #skysonjayler

Aug 2019

note to self for next getaway: to pose less for the camera and do more reckless naruto-style running that my boyfriend can laugh at 🤭

Jul 2019

sent these to the boyfriend and asked if i was wifey material enough yet lolol 💁 all jokes aside, i feel like these photos and this trip to batam have been a long time coming. just being comfortable in my own skin and feeling like i am enough has always been a challenge. for so long i have battled self criticism and self hate and it's only at 25 have i ever felt like i am happy in my own skin. i have good days and bad days, good months and bad months and sometimes what feels like bad years and good moments. i am slowly disconnecting my physical and mental well-being from my physical appearance and prioritizing the former over the latter. sure, i still got my vanity and my love for studying make up and skin care will never die. but now i won't beat myself up over a pimple or a bloated day or not becoming skinnier or my make up not sitting right. i have purged my social media of influencers and brands and filled it with comics, poetry and cute animals and that's probably the best change i have made for myself in recent months. so much of social media informs our view of the world so why be constantly bombarded by unnecessarily altered images? what matters is that in these photos i was calm and happy in the presence of my dearest girls in a paradise-like resort while doing one of my favorite self-care things, cooking. after all, in this life, i'm the one holding the pen and it's my book that i'm writing so you better be damn sure i'll be fighting for my right to be okay. life is so long and so short so there's no other way to do it well except for taking it one day at a time ✨ (posting this for future anxious me to read and also shout out to my batam caifan girls for making me feel so comfortable kekeke and also further props to my boy who makes me feel glowy and beautiful everyday )

Jul 2019

when iz toosday and u need 2 b a normal peoples butt u iz a squishy

Jul 2019

bye bye vacation skyler it was nice knowing you ☀️

Jul 2019

no place i'd rather be ✨

Jun 2019

four sweet years later and it's still a honeymoon all the time with you 🍯 happy birthday to the weird weird combination of us and i can't wait for what the future has in store #skysonjayler

May 2019

bkk was a fantastic bitching time because of these three fantastic bitches. although they sometimes transform into tired grumpy uncles, the whole trip still went smoothly and i really enjoyed myself. was really sad when we were on our last grab to the airport and going back to a reality that didn't involve awesome food and hanging out with y'all. thank you dre for settling comms with our airbnb host, thank you yx for the good massage intro and all the ideas for our day's itinerary and thank you xx for being the best fin con everrrrr!! i'll see y'all when my liver recovers lol then maybe next time we can attack our stomach with all the good food while on a road trip in taiwan? and yes all these r selfies because the person with the camera still no want to gib us photoooo helloooo (and lol at the lack of night photos and lack of energy after night 1 )

Apr 2019

a quietly beautiful afternoon together after the bustle of the past week is exactly what i needed. also got to wear out my new fav outerwear from @vintagewknd full of greenery and puppers (!!! )🌻 #skysonjayler

Mar 2019

we're out of your hair for now kaohsiung, but we'll be back to terrorize you with more eating (like seriously how can one city contain this much good food and have this many dedicated individuals serving them up everyday ) and more weirdness (i wonder how many people we screamed at hur hur ) next time. thank you @jasoonfromalittlewell for being an absolute champ and making the moments off camera a million times better that those captured in photos (except for the freezing rides in our electric scooter with the wind threatening to flip us over in the middle of nowhere that was terrifying ) 🛫 #wheretheskygoes #skysonjayler

Mar 2019

the last time we were at a concert together we weren't even a couple yet! let's have a blast tonight before we fly 😘 #skysonjayler

Feb 2019

time definitely flies when you're having fun. can't believe it's my fourth valentine's with this poop face hahahaha 🤭💩 >>> swipe for rapid degeneration and like.. this is what happens when you've been together a while you get two cute photos and the rest are nightmare fuel >>> #skysonjayler

Feb 2019

celebrating guud guud times 🐷🍕

Feb 2019

enjoying my pixel's camera a little too much but definitely enjoying the family time even more. chill day good day 🥰 (missing the missing cousins!! )

Feb 2019

probably the cutest and most comfy ive ever been during cny keke 🍊

Jan 2019

i couldn’t imagine anyone better for me than you even if i tried 🍀 #skysonjayler

Jan 2019

walked out of the usual area to have a birthday lunch with the office + buffet dinner celebration a while back with the department + the presents from today omg guys how to work like this??? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUU 🙆🏻 #theadventuresoflemonandsoju